Frankurt, DE

Join us for an intensive Tango week!!

July 30th - August 5th

The “Magic in the Air x2” Series

At SummerInTheCity, NaturalTango offers two Workshop Series that run over several days (Tues-Fri).

 Series I: Incredibly beautiful Colgadas & Volcadas with unexpected additions

• Series II: The Matrix of Tango with interspersed with Sacadas, Soltadas and Flying Elements

Through the four consecutive teaching units, intensive technique and body knowledge will be imparted and trained. These workshop series can only be booked as a complete block, of four workshops each. They all start on Tuesday 30.07. and run until Friday 02.08. In these two series, we will explain and give you the concepts and tools to create your own expression of magic in the air. The exercises will build up comprehensibly towards understanding the underlying structure of the dance and its possibilities in off-axis movements and flying figures.


Additionally, over the weekend (Sat&Sun) we offer a variety of divergent 90min classes, which are designed for individual focuses. The classes are arbitrarily selectable and all have the goal to cover new aspects and details in each topic. There are 8 classes total to choose from (see details&schedule below) 

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