Orquesta Tipica NaturalTango

Orquesta Schedule 2018

Friday, February, 23rd @ the Mercury Café


Friday, April, 28th @ NaturalTango Festival 2017!

$25 online - $28 at-the-door

Saturday, April, 29th @ the NaturalTango Festival 2017

$25 online - $30 at-the-door

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We deliver a Tight
Tango Beat for your Feet,
 Complex orchestration
for your Mind, 
 And a Tango Style that Sweeps  you into the Night!

One of the most exhilarating experiences in dance is to be in a milonga with a live orchestra. Experience the energy from the musicians and a sound that fills up even the cracks between the floorboards, this is one of those rare moments where inspiration meets reality!”

The NaturalTango Orchestra was formed in 2008 and has since evolved into one of the most exhilarating and coherent tango orchestras in the States.  Our goal is to work with excellent musicians to create danceable live music.  The traditional instrumentation and excellent arrangements of this tango orchestra make it a must see event!  The orchestra focuses on the golden age works of major orchestras like Carlos Di Sarli, Juan D’Arienzo & Osvaldo Fresedo

Meet the Orquesta Members

Nicholas Jones

Orquesta Director. Bandoneón

In 2009 Nick Jones formed the Orquesta Típica NaturalTango, in which he plays the bandoneon.  Playing in and leading the Orquesta has given him a unique look into the inner working of tango music, and has greatly influenced his dancing, teaching and performing.

Nick first picked up the bandoneon in 2002.  “From the first note, playing the bandoneon is a visceral experience.  It is the only instrument I have ever played, that makes me need to play it.”  

Initially using the instrument to improve his musicality in dancing tango, it soon expanded into playing live shows for other people to dance to.  Over the years he has organized 4 different ensembles that culminated in the Orquesta NaturalTango.  Since then he has focused on polishing the sound and building the repertoire of the Orquesta.  “When the orchestra plays, I want the dancers to go crazy!  Tango is fantastic, energizing, alive and dynamic.  We often loose site of this when listening to the old scratchy recordings.  The orchestra brings tango back to vibrancy.”     

Nick carefully selects each song the orchestra plays for the ultimate dancing experience.  While focusing on Golden Age tangos, the orchestra also explores the styles of the 1920’s and 1960’s.  Some of the tangos are challenging to dance to, some are easy, but all are emotive!  

Diana Cruz


Miss Cruz has dedicated her life to understanding, creating, performing and teaching body movement. Her discovery of Argentine Tango has given her yet another turn in the never-ending, cyclical journey of exploring new ways of moving and expressing. She is currently teaching and performing Argentine Tango  around the U.S. Joining the Orquesta Típica Natural Tango in 2010, as a singer, has been an important addition to her artistic career.

Evan Orman


Born in Colorado, Evan Orman studied cello at the North Carolina School of the Arts, the Banff Centre In Canada, and the New England Conservatory.  His teachers include Colin Carr, Eleanor Shoenfeld and Robert Marsh.  He has performed in master classes for Yo Yo Ma, Janos Starker and the Guarneri Quartet and has worked closely with violinist Louis Krasner and composer Iannis Xenakis.

An enthusiast of Argentine tango, Evan has studied tango music and the bandoneón (a type of concertina) in Buenos Aires (through a grant from Tango Colorado) and plays the bandonéon in his Denver-based group, Extasis. His interest in the bandoneón, and in the music of Astor Piazzolla (the Argentine bandoneónista and composer) prompted him to acquire his first instrument in 1996. He has studied with Raul Jaurena, of the New York Tango Trio and in Buenos Aires with Camillo Ferrero, of Orquesta El Arranque. In addition, Extasis has coached with bassist Pablo Aslan (also of the New York Tango Trio).  On bandoneón, he has performed as soloist with the Camerata San Antonio, Cellisimo (a group comprised of cellists from the Colorado Symphony), the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, the University of Colorado Symphony Orchestra, the Chicago Chamber Musicians, Virtuosi Chicago Chamber Orchestra and the Columbus, Georgia Symphony Orchestra.  Along with Extasis violinist, Claude Sim, Evan has performed with the band  Devotchka on several occasions. He performs on two bandoneóns: an Alfred Arnold, ca. 1935 and a modern instrument by Carlfelder Bandoneón and Concertina Fabrik (AA) that was made in 2011.

In addition to his musical activities, Evan has been successful as a maker and restorer of bows for stringed instruments and currently maintains a shop in Denver. He is a member of the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers.

Lisa Haney


Bio Coming soon 

John Miller


John began listening to the music of Astor Piazzolla as a teenager, and it was that music which led him into a career as a dancer and teacher of Tango. John has been playing since the age of 12 and composing since 18, and over the years has progressed through four instruments: the piano (extremely logical), the bass guitar (fairly logical), the clarinet (marginally logical), and the bandoneón (utterly illogical). The night he learned enough chords to start a rock band (i.e. 2), he fell in love with the bandoneón and hasn't stopped playing since. 

Adriana Teodoro


Pianist Adriana Teodoro-Dier, holds a Doctorate in Collaborative Piano from the University of Miami and has appeared across the United States as a collaborative and solo artist. Her depth of expertise across many musical genres have made her a highly-sought after performer, educator, and coach.  Teodoro-Dier is an Affiliate Faculty member at Metropolitan State University and Regis University as a Staff Collaborative Pianist. She is also a visual artist, specializing in abstract painting. www.AdrianaTD.com

Kirsten Farnsworth


Kirsten Farnsworth initially began playing with Orquesta Tipica about 5 years ago, via Alex Vittal, one of the group's arrangers/violists, and a former classmate.  She has grown to love playing this beautiful and passionate style of music. Ms Farnsworth began her musical training at the age of six. In addition to a Bachelor of Music from University of Oklahoma, she was awarded an assistantship to earn her Masters in Piano Performance from the University of Colorado, where she gained extensive experience as a solo performer, collaborative pianist, and premiered numerous new works through the Pendulum New Music Series. She finds enjoyment performing many styles of music, including classical, blues, rock, and of course, tango. A former freelance pianist and full-time teacher, Kirsten took a turn several years ago to pursue an MBA (i.e. joined the dark side). These days, Kirsten's day job consists of working in strategy and business development at a med-tech company, where she evaluates and pursues new opportunities related to interventional oncology and diagostics (while cranking DiSarli and D'Arienzo recordings on earbuds of course). While she finds this work to be rewarding and enjoyable, she continues to seek out a variety of performance opportunities and finds great fulfillment in playing many genres of music. 

Dave Waldman

Orquesta Arranger. Violin

A St Louis native, David studied violin with Franco Gulli at Indiana University and with Blair Milton at Northwestern University, where he won their 1994 concerto competition. An avid composer and arranger, David has written many works for small ensembles, a full musical, and dozens of tangos for the Orquesta Tipica NaturalTango. He spends his time making and repairing string instrument bows, when he’s not hiking with his wonderful children.

Nina Fronjian


Originally from southeast Wisconsin, Nina Fronjian enjoys a versatile career as a violinist and music instructor in the Denver metro area.  She began her musical training at age 6, and holds a Master of Music in violin performance from the University of Colorado at Boulder, as well as a Bachelor of Fine Arts in violin performance from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  Her years of experience playing in orchestral, chamber, solo, and alternative settings include appearances in the Brevard Festival Orchestra, Denver’s DazzleJazz classical series, the Estes Park Music Festival, and as a featured artist with the Colorado New Music Ensemble.  She currently performs with the Fort Collins Symphony, Colorado New Music Ensemble, Boulder Chamber Orchestra, Sphere Ensemble, and Orquesta Tipica Natural Tango.  


Alexander Vittal

Orquesta Arranger. Viola

Denver-based violist Alexander Vittal grew up in Phoenix, AZ where he discovered many of his life’s passions. In addition to long distance running, being in nature, time with friends, board games, and tango dancing, Vittal found his love of music of all types and a passion for the viola. After attending Arizona State University for a B.M. in Viola Performance, Vittal next moved to Boulder to attend the University of Colorado for his M.M. in Viola Performance and Pedagogy, to enjoy the thrilling nature here, and hike a lot of 14ers. He also had the great luck of meeting Nick Jones through the tango world!

As he has made his way in the professional world, Vittal has been very fortunate to find great friends in many musical circles, and enjoys performing in diverse and eclectic Sphere Ensemble, Argentine tango music with Orquesta Típica Natural Tango, Baroque music with the Baroque Chamber Orchestra of Colorado, and orchestral masterpieces with the Steamboat Symphony and other front range orchestras from time to time. On a daily basis, Vittal enjoys teaching classrooms full of Kindergarteners and 1st graders how to play the violin through the nonprofit El Sistema Colorado, teaching private viola and violin lessons, and mentoring the viola section of the Greater Boulder Youth Orchestra. 

Living in Colorado has also opened some unexpected doors as well. Vittal uncovered a few more passions since living here: arranging music for Natural Tango, Sphere Ensemble, El Sistema Colorado, and other ensembles, and also the joy of skate skiing! After a youth in the dry heat, he looks forward to cold, snowy winters!

Scott Betts


 Scott earned his Bachelors in Music Education with an instrumental emphasis in 1977 and a Masters in Music Education in 1984 at UNC where he parcipated in the legendary UNC Jazz program both instrumentally and vocally. He moved to the Grand Valley in 1984, where he taught at local middle and high schools for 30 years. In the spring of 2014 he retirered from  teaching orchestra and choir at Redlands Middle School. Scott performs as a trumpeter and vocalist with numerous groups in the area including the Western Colorado Jazz Orchestra, and sings and plays the guitar with his jazz quartet, Hot Tub Jazz. He has been the conductor for the High Desert Opera since the summer of 2008. Besides music, Scott’s hobbies include exerciseand dancing the Tango with his wife Alice. 

Gregory Gonzalez


Gregory Gonzales started his musical training at the age of ten with the viola. He began his studies with Jonathan Marshall and continued with Dean Delaney through high school. While at the University of Northern Colorado Gregory switched to guitar and started singing lessons with Shari Anderson to pursue musical theatre. He kept his musical studies going while earning a BA from UNC in Kinesiology/Sports Fitness with a minor in Dance. Gregory became a professional ballet dancer and has danced for several ballet companies but spent the bulk of his career at Colorado Ballet where he was a principal dancer and now continues as a resident guest artist. Gregory started playing for the Orquesta Tipica Natural Tango in 2009 for the first Natural Tango Festival. He continues studying guitar from Paul Anderson and enjoys all music styles but finds the soulfull complexity of tango a rewarding challenge.


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The orchestra founded in 2008 and has over 50 Tangos in its repertoire, obsessive arrangers and a clear vision:  We Play Music That Dancers LOVE!


Videos & Recordings of the Orchestra are coming soon!


For questions please Contact Nick Jones through the NaturalTango Contact Page.

We believe that Tango Dancing can only continue to grow and prosper as an art form if the music  is also growing.

One of the most exhilarating experiences in dance is to be in a milonga with a live orchestra. The energy from the musicians, the sound so full that it fills up even the cracks between the floorboards, this is an  experience to Treasure!!

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