Workshops Schedule & Topics

Saturday, August 11th

2:00pm: From the ground up: The Feet.

Exercises for feet strength and aesthetics. Studying the biomechanics and functions of the structure that supports your dance! 

3:3pm: The Structure of the Embrace. The Frame. Disassociation and Connection.

Upper body exercises and conceptual ideas for expanding the possibilities of the dance.


5:15pm: Free Leg Elegance. 
An exploration of the articulation of the free leg, in relation to the standing/support leg, the positions of the embrace and the structure of the dance.

Sunday, August 12th

2:00pm: The Code of Walking. The Tango Turn. Technique and Structure. 

Exercises for fluidity, quality of movement and structural analysis of the Tango turns.


4:30pm: Openings, Figures and Resolutions from the Turns. Composition and Dynamics. 

OBS: The workshops are open to both leaders and followers. Also open (but not mandatory) to leaders who would like to learn to follow, and followers who would like to learn to lead. The exercises are directed to work individually and in couples. Registrations are open to individual dancers and to dance couples.

~ Pre-Registration Prices ~ 

Pre-Registration closes on August 9th.

Cancellations of the pre-registrations are 50% refundable before July 31st. Non-refundable after July 31st.

Single Workshop: 25 euros

Saturday Pass (3 Workshops): 65 euros

Sunday Pass (2 Workshops): 45 euros

Full Weekend Pass (5 Workshops): 95 euros

At-the-Door Prices ~ 

(by cash only)

Single Workshops: 30 euros

Saturday Pass (3 Workshops): 72 euros

Sunday Pass (2 Workshops): 52 euros

Full Weekend Pass (5 Workshops): 100 euros

DIANA CRUZ has dedicated her life to understanding, creating, performing and teaching body movement. Her discovery of Argentine Tango has given her yet another turn in the never-ending journey of exploring new ways of moving and expressing.

She incorporates her multi-disciplinary techniques (Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Modern Dance, Latin American Folk Dances, Pilates, Yoga, Singing, Poetic Interpretation and many Tango Dance styles) into one cohesive dance. She uses these techniques to create powerful, musical, unique performances. Her understanding of biomechanics gives her an astute approach as a movement teacher...




Hoheluftchaussee 151
Hamburg, Germany 20253

Contact in Hamburg, DE:

Karin Gerhardt  

Contact Diana Cruz @

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