Touring Schedule 2017

Rock Bottoms Festival 2017

January 13th -16th

Back in Torquay, Uk, at the Rock Bottoms Tango Festival 2017. 

Catania - Sicily. Italy

January 20th - 22nd

First appearance of NaturalTango in Italy! Presented by 'En Tus Brazos' Escuela de Tango Argentino.

Fleet - Reading - Worthing, UK

January, 26th-29th

Back in Fleet and Reading, presented by Tango FFS. 

And first time in Worthing, presented by Satin Tango.

Details at the following facebook links:

Fleet Event - Reading Event - Worthing Event

NaturalTango Festival 2017

April 27th - 30th

NaturalTango's most special event in Denver, CO! Featuring International Tango Dance Instructors and Performers, Brilliant Djs, Live Music, Art Exhibition, Special Lectures, etc.

Registration is now OPEN! 

Kansas, US

May 19th - 21st

Presented by Tango Matiz. Details and registration coming soon!

Detroit, US

May 26th - 28th

NaturalTango is back in Detroit after 3 years! 

Saturday May 27th
@ City Style Tango 
1:00pm - 2:15pm Análisis Profundo de Profundas Sacadas
2:30pm - 3:45pm Cortes y Boleos: Rhythmic Rebounds
4:00pm - 5:15pm Ganchos. Different Dynamics

Register HERE!

New York, US

June 9th - 11th

NaturalTango returns to New York City!! Presented by Empire Milonga, DanceSports. 

Details coming soon!

San Fransisco, US

July 13th - 17th

Presented by Tango Atipico. Details and Registration coming soon!

Frankfurt, DE

August 1st - 6th

At the "Tango Summer in City 2017" Frankfurt Festivalito. Presented by NeoSalon Tango. 

Cluj, RO

August 9th - 13th

NaturalTango will be performing at the Tango Cazino Gala, in Cluj, Romania! 

Details at:

Berlin, DE

August 20th - 28th

Diana Cruz will be giving workshops at Mala Junta, and will be available for private lessons over the week. Contact Diana through the site! 

Denver, CO

September 1st - 4th

NaturalTango at the Tango On The Rocks Festival 2017! Join us for workshops, performances and more in Denver, CO!! 

Boulder. CO

October 6th - 8th

NaturalTango @ Boulder Tango Festival 2017! 

Ljubljana, SI

November 9th - 12th

NaturalTango is back at the Ljubljana Tango Festival this year! Details and registrations coming soon. 

Mumbai, Goa, New Delhi, IN

November 15th - 26th

Diana Cruz in India! Brought by Vivek Yadav.

Berlin, DE

Nov, 28th - Dec 4th

Performing at 'Intimacy' Milonga. Teaching at 'Milonga Popular' and 'Mala Junta'

Further details coming soon! 

Llandudno, Wales, UK

December, 8th - 10th

A weekend at the beautiful Kensington Hotel, present by CC Tango.

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