Hamburg, DE

July 20th - 21st

Special Workshops 

Tango and Osteopathy

Organizing the Body to Generate Conscious Movements

and Refined Communication/Connection


Diana Cruz 


Karin Gerhardt

An unique opportunity to experience the learning of Tango dance movements through the lenses of a holistic, whole-body specialized concept as Osteopathy. 

For "Tangosteopathy", Diana Cruz and Karin Gerhardt join their passion, knowledge and many years of experience in their fields of expertise, offering a 2 days program designed to give dancers the tools to access their full body-in-motion potentials. 

Each workshop will focus on bringing awareness to the biomechanics and its relation to the dance, with individual and in-couples exercises for understanding and achieving alignment, strength, flexibility; conditioning the body for prevention of injuries and/or eventual rehabilitation.

The origin of a movement, the source of its energy. How to create space for ease of movement in the embrace. The anatomically correct positions and corporal conditions for accomplishing the figures of the dance. From where to physically generate and apply different dynamics, the build of lyrical movements, the appropriate engagement for speed, optimizing the energy expenditure. How to release pain, how to manage pressure and tension… These are some of the questions to be addressed in the workshops. AND, ultimately, how to translate it all into Tango dance in a conscious way, to bring comfort, beauty,  elegance and emotions to our movements, tuning our ways of communicating and connecting with other in organic balance.



Saturday, July 20th 

2:00pm: The Spine. The Core. The Center I

A closer look into the structure of the spine. Concepts and exercises to understand its role in the axis, axial rotation, disassociation; to perceive and correct alignment for ease of movement in the embrace.


3:30pm: The Spine. The Core. The Center II

The core as the genesis of the movement, the length of the extensions, the strength and energy of the pivots, the control of the posture and frame. Giving and receiving clear information (lead&follow) with economy of corporal energy and preventing injuries.


5:15pm: Comfortable and Fluid Tango Turns.  

Exercises for creating fluidity and quality of movement in the Tango turns, analyzing its structure and its relation with the biomechanics, flexibility, possibilities and limits of the spine, the shoulder girdle and the pelvis. 


Sunday, July 21st 

2:00pm: From the ground up: The Feet.

Exercises for feet strength and aesthetics. Studying the biomechanics and functions of the structure that supports your dance, understanding and preventing incorrect alignment that may cause pain and injuries. 


3:45pm: Free Leg Elegance and Versatility. 

An exploration of the articulation of the free leg, in relation to the standing/support leg, the positions of the embrace and the structure of the dance. A study of the trajectory of the free leg in tango figures, leading and following: Barridas, Boleos, Ganchos.

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Movimientos Tango

Hoheluftchaussee 151, 20253 Hamburg, Germany

About The Team


Diana Cruz 

Miss Cruz has dedicated her life to understanding, creating, performing and teaching body movement. 


Originally from Asunción, Paraguay, she began her dance studies in her home country. The process of dance-learning placed her in various Performing Arts schools around Argentina, Brazil and Chile. As a professional dancer, she joined several dance companies in Asunción, Buenos Aires and Denver, US. 


Diana has received a Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Certification by BASI (Body Arts and Science International). She has taught the Pilates method in several studios of Asunción, Buenos Aires, and continues teaching intermittently in Denver, CO. 


Her discovery of Argentine Tango has given her yet another turn in the never-ending, cyclical journey of exploring new ways of moving and expressing. She is currently teaching and performing Argentine Tango  around the U.S. and abroad, in a dance partnership with Nick Jones, as well as continuing to develop her solo carrier as teacher, choreographer, producer, director and performer. 


Diana incorporates her multi-disciplinary techniques (Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Modern Dance, Latin American Folk Dances, Pilates, Yoga, Singing, Poetic Interpretation and many Tango Dance styles) into one cohesive dance. She uses these techniques to create powerful, musical, unique performances. Her understanding of biomechanics gives her an astute approach as a movement teacher.


She holds a degree in Psychology from the Universidad Nacional de Asunción, a study that has enhanced her understanding of the human mind and body interaction.


Miss Cruz has created her own line of Tango shoes for women, Cruzartango, which is a continual exploration of organic and ergonomic dance shoes.

Karin Gerhardt

Karin Gerhardt

Miss Gerhardt has been a physical therapist since 1986. 

Her additional training included : sports medicine (Olympic Base Dortmund/Germany) Manual Therapie/Chiropractic; Osteopathy since 1992.


She opened her own private praxis 1995 in Muenster, Germany. Additional, she was teaching osteopathic cranio-sacral and children’s approach classes for 12 years, still does teach master-classes in trauma-related issues in Osteopathy; did 9 years of osteopathic work with the  „Intensive Care Unit/Team for Children“ in St. Franziskus Hospital Muenster. 


In 2016 she moved to Hamburg to work in private praxis in her dream city - Hamburg 


Karin received education in Pilates, Spiraldynamics (Dr. Larsen); Continuum Movement,

Baby Body Language M.Appleton and recently started a psychological/coaching training (TA).


Besides Osteopathy - her passion has always been dance and movement; she did everything from ballet, tap and jazzdance to aerobics, salsa dance and now Argentine tango.


„the language of the body is movement -

be mindful with your body - to make spirit love to live in it and let e-motion be present through and with your awareness - to express your whole being and potential - in dance - sports and life!“

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